financial mistake

My Financial Mistakes

I was sitting down to write tonight when I noticed a calling from A Journey to FI to document our personal financial mistakes with the intent to help others avoid the pitfalls of personal finance.  I made plenty of mistakes over the years, too many for a 1,000 word post.[…]

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2016 Net Worth Review

Yes, I know it is June already.  I am a little late in reviewing my net worth growth from last year.  I promised details on 2016, so here it goes. Overall, 2016 was a very productive year with all of our accounts and net worth growing substantially.  For 2016, our[…]

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Net Worth History

Why we track our net worth every month Here in the TPM household, I have tracked our net worth for over 10 years.  This process started soon after we got married. For the first year, we spent a lot.  We had a new house and plenty of furniture to buy.[…]

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