too much cash

Too Much Cash?

Is it possible to have too much cash?  Every time I log into personal capital I see a pop up indicating I am holding too much cash.  How do they know how much cash I feel comfortable holding, especially in the current environment?  Many family and friends have asked me[…]

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DIY Investor Interview

DIY Investor Interview #3: OthalaFehu

Welcome the the third interview of an interview series documenting the successes and failures of DIY Investing, straight from the investors’ perspective. Over the years I have learned a tremendous amount from others.  Especially those with far more investing experience.  I hope this series provides perspective on how people got[…]

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Tax Loss Harvesting

Time for Tax Loss Harvesting

I know it’s time to start thinking about capital gains in our taxable accounts when I see Christmas trees covering our Costco warehouse floor.  This year, the plastic look alike’s were out even before Halloween.  Luckily, there is still plenty of time to minimize the tax effect of my capital gains with[…]

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Stock Market is Like

The Stock Market is Like…

It’s funny the things you hear back in the endless low cubicle walls of corporate hallways.  I heard two previous colleagues discussing a recent stock transaction one of them made.   He liquidated his stock position from his company’s employee stock purchase plan. The other guy reacted with a chauvanistic[…]

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