Keys to our wealth

The Five Keys of Our Wealth Creation

The five keys of our wealth creation are principles shared with Mrs. TPM and define our households perspective on wealth creation.  We got very lucky that we had similar values, ambitions and spending habits.  Without that, we likely would not be where we are today.  The five keys to our[…]

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Frugal with the Large Purchases

Be Frugal with the Large Purchases

“Penny wise, Pound foolish.”  This historic phrase has British roots and was coined over 500 years ago.  How many people have yet to learn this simple concept, be frugal with the large purchases?  There are many excellent frugal bloggers out there.  They track every dollar and simply don’t spend on[…]

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Leave Early Retirement, Already?

Certain circumstances are compelling me to leave early retirement.  I’ve barely scratched the surface and am considering a one year contract.   I received the dreaded phone call from my previous employer while we were visiting the Atlanta Aquarium last Wednesday.  There is a major divestiture underway and the person[…]

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