Expense Reduction Project (ERP) Part 2: The Dog Walker

The Expense Reduction Project was started to eliminate our lifestyle inflation.  I call it lifestyle inflation although we were still saving and investing over 60% of our income.  It was buffered by our income growth. As we transition from two high paying jobs to one, it doesn’t make sense to have all the outsourced assistance.  In our previous life, we were time strapped.  Essentially working until sleep, with a two hour break to try to get something healthy on the table and put the kids to beds.  Our time with the kids became extremely valuable to us and our lifestyle felt like it was outsourced

This project is to take the responsibility back.  Lower our expenses and live a more frugal lifestyle.  I fear this won’t always be easy, but we will be happier because of it.  At the end, I will disclose the before and after expenses.

Annual Savings

In Part 1, We lowered our Cable/Internet and Phone                                                                                                $2,120

In Part 2, We Fired the Dog Walker                                                                                                                                  $2,592

The Dog That Started It All

Born out of necessity, we needed someone to keep our sanity when we were at work for long periods of time.  Being gone ten+ hours a day is hard on any pouch and we even consider not get one, but we could never imagine a life without a smelly companion.  We are dog lovers in the TPM household.

This pup was different from the beginning.  When he was a few months old he would literally race head first into walls.  If you sat on the floor and he was across the room, look out.  He would bolt straight for you and launch himself into your chest.  Even as a puppy he had the devil in his eye.

We have owned Boston Terriers before, but this one was a brute and a little challenged, but extremely loving.  He weighs in over 30 pounds today which is about double the size for the breed.

Hard to Say Goodbye

Our dog walker has been with us for seven years.  She was fantastic.  Before that they would turnover every month.   A few great traits for a dog walker:

  1. Punctuality is paramount
  2. Flexibility is desired
  3. Loyalty and Trust will build referrals
  4. Always clean up after yourself and the dog.

Our Previous Budget for this Expense

On a weekly basis, the dog walker would come three times per week at lunch time.   The other two days, Mr. or Mrs. TPM would work from home.  At $18 per visit.  This came out to $54 dollars per week.  Over the course of the year, she would walk him all but 4 weeks out of the year.  So, annualized this service for our unruly pup cost us $2,592.


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